White Balance Read & Write:

Certain hues colors can come from different light sources, altering the feel of your photos. Incandescent lighting can add a yellow tint to your photos. Different cameras have a different way of adjusting white balance, many have automatic features that do them for you. Some white balance settings are auto, tungsten, florescent, daylight/sunny, cloudy, flash, and shade. Auto works in for most lighting but it is not advanced enough for all of them. The fluorescent setting will warm up your photos. The cloudy setting also warms up your photos a little more than the “daylight” setting. Some cameras allow you to further adjust the white balance settings outside the already given settings.

10 Tips To Make Good Portraits:

  1. Pick a nice looking background.
  2. Make sure there is good lighting
  3. Set up your camera to ensure that the settings are correct
  4. Grab your subject and pose them
  5. Make sure you have good expressions and emotions
  6. Try different angles to capture a different feel of the pictures
  7. Using props can make the photos look more interesting
  8. Try different lenses to change the wide-angle of the photo
  9. Using an organized color pallet can make the photo look better
  10. Natural lighting can make your photos have a warm feel to them


TV, f/18, 1/20, ISO 3200, 43mm
TV, f/18, 1/25, ISO 3200, 47mm
  1. The camera mode I used was TV. I used this mode because the camera adjusted the aperture for me which caused the photos to have the right exposure.

2. I think my composition could have been stronger in terms of sharpness and capturing other elements besides my subjects.

3. Comparing the unedited versions of these pictures, I made them look a lot brighter and more lively.

4. If I could shoot this assignment again I would probably use a prop to be my subject because then I could manipulate it to stay how I intended to shoot.

5. I honestly don’t think that my photos belong on the home page because I think I would have done a much better job at not only shooting but editing as well.

All About Me Collage:

10×8, 150 Res.

My all about me collage is filled with all my favorite things from food to movies. The background color is pink which is one of my favorites. The things on my collage have been some of my favorites since I was a kid. There’s a slice of watermelon and some grapes which are my favorite fruits to snack on after a long day at school. Sushi is my favorite food and if I could eat it for the rest of my life I would.

Some of my favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids Watermelon, green Jolly Ranchers, and Nerds Ropes. When I was little I would make my brother give me all of the green Jolly Ranchers in exchange for the blue ones. Takis are my favorite chips and I would pick them over any other kind. Canada Dry is my favorite soda, I like this soda because it has a lemony flavor that is not too strong.

The butterfly and the two bunnies are references to Harry Styles who is one of my favorite artists. The bears are from the movie “Brother Bear” which reminds me of my brother since I would always make him watch it with me when we were little. The blue woman is from the movie “Corpse Bride” which is by far my favorite movie. The daffodil at the top of the collage is a reference to my mom who’s birth flower is a daffodil. My collage shows very obvious things about me and it also shows hidden elements that not very many people would know.

Action Sharp & Motion Blur

TV, ISO 800, 1/2000 sec, f/8, 35mm
TV, ISO 800, 1/2000 sec, f/8, 35mm
TV, ISO 400, 3/10 sec, f/22, 18mm
TV, ISO 400, 3/10 sec, f/22, 18mm
I think the shutter speed of this photo is 1/500 because the dog seems to be moving fast and it’s figure is not blurry, meaning the picture was caught very quickly. I think the aperture is at an f/8 or f/11 because the background is sort of blurry but you can still tell where the setting of the photo took place. The lens may be 100mm in length because the subject is pretty close to the camera but this could also be because of the photographer zooming in with his camera.
Think the shutter speed of this photo is 1/15 because the busses are probably moving at a reasonable speed which causes the busses to look blurry but still have their distinguishable shape. I think the aperture would be at an f/16 because the background of the photo is in focus but the objects closer to the camera are still blurred. I think the length of the lens is 80mm because a lot of the background and landscape of the setting is visible and in focus.

File Formats:

JPEG: JPEG is a compression algorithm for digital images that is widely used.

PNG: A PNG is the most widely used uncompressed picture format.

GIF: GIF is a lossless picture file format that can hold both animated and static images.

TIFF: TIFF is a popular file format for transferring color or grayscale images into page layout software.