Portfolio 2022


A RAW file contains unprocessed image data captured by the digital camera. JPEG files photos and compresses them to be smaller. The bigger file is the RAW because it doesn’t compress the images and are used to take huge photos. You can turn RAW images into JPEG images by using Adobe Lightroom to edit and export them into a JPEG file. If I was shooting an important event, I would use JPEG because it takes up less storage and can be downloaded faster than RAW images.

Most Influential Photos

This photo titled “Starving Child And Vulture,” was taken by Kevin Carter when he flew to Sudan to capture the troubles the land had been facing. He came across a child whimpering on his way to a feeding center while a vulture waited for him to die so he could eat him. Carter could not help the child since he was told that he would catch a disease. I chose this photo because it has a grim feel to it. Even if you don’t know the story behind the picture, it still carries the same amount of sadness.
“The Hand Of Mrs. Wilhelm Rontgen,” by Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen is the first medical x-ray in 1895. He experimented in his lab for weeks and was finally able to animate a clear image. I chose this photo because it is extremely influential to the medical world today.

“Emmet Till” by David Jackson captured the damage of a hate crime between two white men versus one black child. Emmet Till allegedly whistled at a white woman who was the store owner at the market he was at. She proceeded to tell her husband who teamed up with his half-brother to beat, shoot, and throw his lifeless body into the river. His mother demanded to have an open casket to show the world what they did to her son and what they’ve been doing to their people. I chose this photo because it shows great amounts of racism towards the black community. The fact that Emmet Till was unrecognizable after his brutal, inhumane murder is extremely heart wrenching.

Shooting For Good Composition

Masters of Photography Reflection: Ansel Adams

I chose Ansel Adams because I love that his photos are all black and white. The bland color pallet is something that I think is hard to pull off. He perfectly captures beautiful Landscapes along with a gloomy mood. Although most of his work was captured over 50 years ago, the quality is still extraordinary. The early technology and adaptions of cameras still allowed Adams to create beautiful photos to share. I also love that Ansel Adams’ photos come from many different places in the US. This shows how he traveled to different places and admired the environment around him.